Rent Storage - Spartan Big Storage

Really BIG Storage (36 x 19 x 14)

We are opening a new complex just 6 miles from our main complex that provides BIG Storage units that will be fully under roof cover with camera system for extra security and peace of mind. You will never go to your unit again and be in the rain, snow or extreme heat. No other complex has these type of units. They will be 19 feet wide, 36 feet deep with 14 foot roll up doors and will have a 3 foot man door to enter through if you don't need to open your big door! These units will have motion LED lighting for your . We will only have 15 of these units available they will go fast. We are expected to have these units completed by late September - early October 2021. If you would like to get on our waiting list and pay your $100 non refundable deposit we will secure you 1 of these 15 units while they last.

$390 / month

Waiting List